Hello, I'm Jean Phillippe Bethencourt 👋🏻
Digital Designer &
Web Developer
from Patagonia Argentina
Digital Designer &
Web Developer
from Patagonia Argentina
Lets design together quickly and carefully, websites or web applications that are useful and easy to use.
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User Experience,
Web and UI Design

Thoughtfully design websites and interfaces that solve problems, deliver results and delight users.

UI: User Interface

Full Stack

Bring your ideas to life since the creation of the concept, to the server setup of a Web Application.

LAMP Stack - Nginx - JS - PHP - CSS3 - HTML5

Digital Marketing
and Advertising

All-size multichannel campaigns (Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram) with a certified professional.

Google Partner - Facebook Agency


I work remotely with partners from around the world on interesting and significant projects, large and small.

Besides projects on demand, I have also created a series of ventures that had allowed me to improve new skills.

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El Diario de La Pampa (in its digital version) is a news platform consumed by more than 300,000 people monthly, in constant innovation and improvement.

UNLPam is the largest university in the state, since 2015 we create and maintain its website, to offer a better experience to students, graduates and interested alike.

The Strategic Plan for the Development of the City of Santa Rosa is a tool to transform the reality of our capital. It is to think about the desired city from now until 2050.

RadioKermés is a news and radio station that broadcasts with its own, genuine content and an open doors policy to welcome new and more proposals.

Jaimme is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that helps media and marketing agencies in the control and schedule of advertising campaigns in multiple digital media, with more than 4.5 million impressions per month on average.

Since its 3rd edition in 2015, we design and program the website of the General Pico National Film Festival, a space that brings together consecrated directors and new talents in a dynamic and dialogue environment.

We designed the website of the Club Estudiantes of Santa Rosa, La Pampa. A site used regularly by its members to obtain all related information easily and centrally.

The purpose of the Institute for Productive Promotion (Government of La Pampa), is to promote socio-economic strategic development to diversify and strengthen the productive matrix of the State.

The Rally Endurance of La Pampa is a race that summons bikers from all over the country. Its a race that runs between 70 and 80 km for the competitive category, according to how the route is diagrammed and its designed for all types of bikers.

Agropecuaria Argentina was born as a family business in July 2008 to facilitate the sale of inputs for the field and quality advice in the region, and expanded ever since.

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Jean Phillippe

Phillippe Bethencourt is a freelance web developer and digital designer, located in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina.

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